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Modulo de KlassFan - Ceiling DC fan with White lacquered light and wood ideal for 25 to 40 m² KL_DC4_P3Wo_L1wi


DC4_P3Wo_l1wi combination

A modular ceiling fan, here in its version without lamp, with wooden blades and white lacquered DC motor in a surprisingly quiet contrast. 

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Combination DC4_P3Wo_L1wi

In the small world of ceiling fans there are often no big surprises, and for good reason: the years go by and designs evolve with the trends.

Finally, it is not always easy to find a brand that dares, and for good reason. Stocks are expensive and production requires minimum quantities.

So the brands, frightened to change the market, cling on to their catalogue with its hundred products, 10 of which are tops, 25 are good products, 50 are "good we complete our range" and 10 "Slim, what do we do with that now", these last ones end up in the warehouses for a few years.

So, the routine being done, we change a dozen products at the most, because we won't make the revolution. Given that there are 5 producers who count, the year we have 50 new products is Champagne!  

Well... Well, all that's part of the past, KlassFan, has just shaken up the codes, and for a long time, because their way of looking at the ceiling ventilation, has just kicked in the buttocks of the guys who have been dragging themselves around for a long time.  

For KlassFan, it's the product that has to adapt to the customer and not the other way around, it starts well, so let's see what changes.

The principle of modulo is to be able to combine elements to give the customer a maximum of choice.

The modulo is composed of 4 families of elements that you can combine together:

1) The engine. 

- There are 4 colours: Chrome, White, Basalt Grey, Wood.

 2) The blades.

- There are 4 types of blades each with 3 colours: White, black, wood.

 3) The light kit or not.

- 4 completely incredible light kit each with 4 colors corresponding to the chosen engine ( or not if you wish). 

- 7 Caches in case you do not want a light kit. 

4) Extenders.

- In 4 colours corresponding to the engines, in versions - 60 Cm - 120 Cm and 180 Cm.

If we look at the improbable combination possibilities, it gives a very nice figure 4 (Motors) X 4 type of blades = 16 Combinations (in 3 blades) we can go there in 2 blades also either 32 possibilities, with 3 colors of blades or 96 possibilities.

Add on top of that 5 possibilities of illumination = 480 possibilities, with 5 extensions we are at ... 2400 possibilities !

In short, this gives an incredible margin of choice. I can already hear the most critical people telling us, but we're not going to mix a wood engine with black blades !

We'll see, here we can at least ask the question, elsewhere you take what you like a little ready ...

With this system, you create your fan, and if you like the improbable combinations, don't worry, you can buy your fan and install it at home! If you are more conventional you will be able to too.

And every step of the way you will find something to say, because nothing is left to chance at Klassfan.  

But let's see how close it is, what's so special about this Modulo?

Let's start with the most important thing:

The Engine:

Klassan's specifications weren't simple. He needed an engine that could carry blades from 110 to 132 centimetres.

In addition, this same engine must be able to adapt whether the user installs 2 blades or 3 blades.

This motor had to be a DC, with low consumption, and especially a Hyper Silence motor.

Thanks to their expertise, the engineers succeeded in developing a marvel of motor, the Rolls motor of ceiling fans.  

Mechanical technology:

Mounted on self-lubricated ball bearings, this 100% copper motor is a model of silence, at no load, this motor at maximum speed is inaudible, it does not emit vibrations, just the rotor turning. 

Moreover, it is self-balanced, which is very good news for the installation, clearly without this option it would have been necessary to forget the 120 and 180 Cm extensions. 

Finally, the ceiling fan is fixed on a ball joint, it will accept a 25° difference in level.

Consumption :

What about consumption ? Here Klassfan has made very strong, this motor is part of the TOP 3 in consumption level, and with certain combination of blades TOP 1 on speed 5 and 6. 

In speed 1, the Modulo consumes 5.1 Watts and in speed 6 on the P3 blades it is at 25.6 Watts of consumption without stealing efficiency because at this speed the fan turns 193 RPM, and about 10800 M3/h which is clearly the lowest consumption on the market.

Functions :

The latest technology has been adapted to this motor, it has Memory functions.  Here again a big plus, the Memory function is adapted to ALL functions, Light, programmed speed and direction of rotation, which is new. 

 The Memory function consists of turning off the fan power switch, and when you return to it, you will find the same programming as when you turned it off.

In everyday life this function is very practical, because you enter your room, if you had the light on when you turn off, pressing the switch will turn on the light, and it works with all the functions combined, fan + light, light only, fan only, in short all the functions.

Finally, a remote control is available from where you can access all the functions of your fan including the inverter, which is very practical because you will not have to climb on the stepladder twice in the year to reverse the direction of the blades, we pass the timer and the functions of the light kit which are accessible from the remote control.

Klassfan has made a wise choice for the remote control, the latter uses radio frequency technology, which is practical because it does not have to point the fan to operate, so you can control several fans with a single remote control. On the other hand, care should be taken with the installation of the radio antenna, as it can be subject to interference if the antenna is incorrectly positioned in the canopy.

The engineers are so convinced of the quality of this motor that they guarantee it for 10 years, and frankly, considering the product, we have no doubt about it.

The blades:

One of the key components of the fan, there are 4 types of blades.

For reasons of stability, and especially design, these blades could not be made of wood. It would have been too heavy, and in time wood can evolve and thus unbalance the fan and thus unbalance it, and then wear it out prematurely.  

On this point the engineers were very careful, and we opted for molded ABS blades. The advantage of abs reside of the fact that if the mould is well worked, the differences between two blades are tiny, and it is exact.

Technical characteristics

Span area: 25 - 40 m2

Lighting system : L1 3 Tons 2700, 4000, 6000 Kv, 1900 Lms

Control: Radio frequency remote control with timer and changeover switch, temperature and WIFI

Reversible system: Yes from the remote control 

Number of Speeds: 6 - from 2100 to 9400 M3/h in 3-blade version. 

Consumption (Watts) : 5.1 Watts to 25.6 Watts 

Finish: 3 blades in ABS painted in wood colour.

Engine finish: white lacquered with 2 rods, one 12.5 Cm and the other 25 Cm. (the 60 cm version on the picture is an option) 

Possible installation on a 25° sloping ceiling: yes.

Memory: Yes 

Timer: 1 to 8 hours.

Diameter: 132 cm

Weight: 7 Kg, Gross 9 Kg

Standards: THUV-GS-CE-RHOS

Warranty: 10 years for the motor


Features :

Color: white, Wood

Possible options :

- Blades P1- P3- P4 - P5- P6 

- Light Kit: L1 

- Extensions 60, 120, 180 Cm 

- Remote control: TelTemp

Data sheet

Hyper Silence
variable number of blades
Destratification mode
Super destratifier
Remote control included or optional
Adaptable wall control box ?
Installation on sloping ceiling?
Available down rods
Optional Light Kit available?
minimum power consumption:
1 à 5 Watts
Manufacturer Warranty
10 years
Reversible blades with 2 colours
Maximum fan blades
3 blades
Color of the blades
Distance Blades/Ceiling in cm
40 Cm
Motor Type (AC or DC)
Adaptable remote control

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