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About Fan-Boutique

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Fan-boutique, trade name, owned by OnlineBtrust. Fan boutique is issued in URL for its French version.

Fan boutique was created following the lack of real specialist in the online sale of ceiling fans. Normally, the ceiling fans that one could buy on the web, are sold by producers of lighting that show zero competence when it come to how to install and properly use a ceiling fan.

Henceforth, Fan-boutique found its place on this market. Relationships based on giving the right piece of advice with customers and suppliers are hallmarks of the company. Especially in Europe, suppliers of ceiling fans can be counted on fingers.


We choose our providers very carefully. What we pay special attention to is:
1. Their production capacity
2. Their importation capacity
3. Their technical capacity to respond promptly to any fault that may occur
4. Building a relationship based on trust to avoid any possible problems like, very important, stock breackage (in the summer as the demand increases abruptly, many products go out of stock; we need to be sure that we would be able to respond to our customers´ needs at any moment)

In 2016, we still had stock on August 30, while the vast majority of shops and traders could not be supplied within 45 days after that date!

The products :

We pay special attention to the quality of the products we sell. Clearly, there is a difference between the qualitiy of a 100 € fan and one of 500€. However, we strive to choose every single product very carefully.

In most cases, we have the products on stock, and our technical traders have physical access to different products, this is important because they can better understand a problem that can occur, and find a solution quickly.

Fan-boutique has a 15-years of experience in the field of air ventilation and air treatment and is very much concerned about any problem that can occur in terms of quality, deadlines but also production areas. We tackle every little detail with a lot of precision.

Therefore, Fan-boutique is one of the leaders in air ventilation in Europe, ultra specialized. Our goal is to present the fans available on the EU market with the sole purpose of finding the most suitable product for your needs. You will be surprised by its quality.