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How Choose my ceiling fan ?

You have fan Reference kl_DC3_P2GR on offer could you tell me colour and size please does it include LED and remote as well

I need a good quality celling fan quite one if possible with remote control chrome finish with good light please.

Is the Faro Just Fan mini in black sold on your website new? It says ‘refurbished’ on the google price comparison for your website. Thanks

Hello. I have a glass atrium ceiling I would like to suspend a fan from. It needs to therefore have a fairly long drop. Is also like it to be white, 3/4 blades in modern/classic style with a generous diameter of up to 200cm. Would have ideally white . . .


Could you please tell us the height of the ceiling? 


Hi, Im looking for some advice on you fan model freedom white. Can you please confirm the voltage and the Hz on this fan Aslo does this model come with a remote control? Thanks Ryan

I need some help please I live in a Barn Conversion where our sitting room is on an upstairs mezzanine floor. It can therefore be extremely hot in the summer. We had a Fantasia fan for some years but it no longer works and it was not very effective . . .

Hi. I'm looking for a fan for our summerhouse which is 3m x 3m with pitched roof. Your Chicago fan is a possible. What speed settings does it have?

Is the light dimmable?


What product we talk about ? 

best regards. 

Have you got double insulated ceiling fans for where’s no earth in the lighting circuit?


Yes of course, without earth it run without problem. 

Best regards; 

Hi Can you tell me how effective the fans are at cooking a bedroom and how do I choose one?

Hello - trying to find a ceiling fan with no light. Do you have Kl Latino 11 166 cm Tel here in Portugal 07770927611

Good morning I am looking for a 42/106 size remote controlled ceiling fan with down rod and lights for a conservatory? After years of using fans and with the array of styles on the market I need some advice? Approximately between £100 to £300 pric . . .

Hi please can you tell me how these work I’m hoping they cool you down in kitchen Which do I need to look at please If you can tell me how they work

Hi - I need a couple of fans for a room with a high ceiling. The ceiling is also sloped. Can you recommend a fan that would be suitable. Thanks Sarah

Hi I'm looking for a double insulated ceiling fan for some bedrooms that don't have a earth is this something you sell

i want to spend around £600. i want a ceiling fan that is very quiet in dark wood or dark wood effect and brass coloured fittings. it doesn’t have to have a light. please could you show me some options many thanks

Dear Mrs Peake,

Thanks a lot for your interest in our website!

Here our selection of fans that meet your requirements:

1. Ceiling Fan Modulo by KlassFan - one of our best-sellers, with light, thermostat, wi-fi, 166 cm, hyper silent

2. Ceiling Fan Modulo by KlassFan, without light, 132 cm, again with thermostat and wi-fi, hyper silent

3. Ceiling Fan Hackney by KlassFan, now on promotion until the end of the month, hyper silent:

4. Ceiling fan Bell by LBA Home:

5. Ceiling fan Airscrew by Casafan (available from the 20th of July):

6. Just Fan by Faro, 128 cm

You can find many other models in our website!

We remain to your disposal for further questions!

Best regards,

Fan Boutique

Is it possible to buy just the blades as mine have snapped and flown off while in use
Dear Sharon,
Thanks for your interest in our website!
Unfortunately, we sell accessories exclusively to our clients. Have you obtained your fan from our website? I can't find any orders with your name...
Best regards,
Your FanBoutique Team

do you sell just the white ceiling fan blades i need 4 new ones. Many thanks Brian
Hi Brian,
No, we do not sell the blades separately.
For further questions, we remain at your disposal!
Best regards,
Your FanBoutique Team

Faro 106cm: what is the delivery time on this model?
Hello, delivery of Faro's models take longer - 10 to 14 working days.

Hi, Looking for a ceiling fan for our bedroom. Looking for a modern style with wooden blades but the quieter the better. GERONIMO - DESIGNER DC CEILING FAN 132 CM BLACK HOUSING, BLADES MADE OF WOOD, WIFI, THERMOSTAT 8x3.5m with very high loft style c . . .

Hi I'm buying a house and I'd really want to change my lights to spotlights, along with smart switching I'm not sure what would be best for me, especially to keep in with the design of the lights. In that sense, I wouldn't require the fan itself to h . . .
Dear Mr Waqas,
First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in our website!
We offer a wide range of ceiling fans that correspond to what you are looking for - a smart fan with light, nice design, which can be used both in summer and in winter. We would like to recommend you Klassfan ceiling fans as they stand out for their quality and numerous functions - wi-fi, memory, timer, thermostat, etc.
I am sending you some links to products that seem to be appropriate (although, of course it all depends on how big is the room you'd like to install it in, how high is the ceiling, how will you heat the room, etc.):

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Best regards,
Your Fan Boutique Team

Hi there, 1. HELIX III FROM KLASSFAN, A COMPACT, ULTRA-POWERFUL DC CEILING FAN, 3-TONE LED, THERMOSTAT, what's the major difference between the two with the limited series? 2. May I have the link for wall switch of this model please? 3. The led light . . .
Hello Tony,
Thank you for your interest in our website!
1. Are you referring to Helix III white and silver? In this case, the only difference is the colour. Otherwise, both are the same. Right now, the silver-coloured is on promotion until the end of the month.
2. Unfortunately, there is no wall switch compatible with this model
3. The light is dimmable, not just with adjustable temperature
4. The installation of this fan requires no special attention, it is an easy-to-install ceiling fan
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Kind regards,
Your Fan Boutique Team

Hi there, For SIROCCO BY KLASSFAN CEILING FAN WHITE WITH DIMMABLE LED LIGHT My bed room size is 3.9Mx2.8M, this fan is 122cm diameter, will that be too big or still OK for the room? And the fan where it made? Thank you and have a good day :)

I live in uk. What are the delivery, taxes, custom charges etc. I want to know full cost please. The light I am looking at is over £300. Many thanks
Dear Jan,
You don't need to pay anything else but the price you see in our website. All the custom charges and taxes, together with the shipping costs are covered by us.
Best regards,
Fan Boutique

Hi I am looking at your Modulo - DC ceiling fan WI-FI,_DC4SLIM_P542DW. Website states the blade is 106 cms long, but it also says diameter of fan is 106 cms. Please can you confirm actual diameter of the entire ceiling fan, as with 2 blades the diame . . .
The total diameter of the fan is 106 cm.
Best regards,
Fan Boutique

Is it possible to put 3 ceiling fans in the same room without the remote controls interfering with one another? ie. Each individual remote would only operate the 1 linked fan. Thank you
Hello Craig! Yes, you can install 3 fans and control them with 3 different remote controls. Optionally, you can use 1 remote for all the 3. It is up to you. However, the fans need to be installed and paired correctly, to avoid signal interference of the remotes.

Hi, I have a sloping ceiling I estimate that the slope is about 32-36 degrees. Which fans can be installed in such a ceiling ? If none, is there some additional parts that you can buy to make it work ?

Hello, there are many fans that can be installed on a sloped ceiling. However, as the ceiling is too inclined, you will need a wedge made of wood/metal, and a longer ceiling rod.

If you need further advice, please give us the height of your ceiling, and the m² of the room.

I am sure, we can find an optimal solution for you!

Best regards,

Fan Boutique Team

What is the clearance is it less than 2.3 metres

Hello and thank you for your interest! Could you please specify, what are you referring to?

This fan is specially designed to be installed on lower ceilings - up to 2 - 2.4 m. The distance  ceiling / blades is only 164 mm.