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Hi Can you tell me how effective the fans are at cooking a bedroom and how do I choose one?


The First it's to considere the noisy, if your sensibility is hight use the Hyper silence option, is verry important.

Second the size, usualy if you go in a DC fan, you can increase the sizes by m², so if your bedroom is 12 m² you can go until 25, because the first speed are verry low, not like a AC fan. More big is the fan, more efficient and confortable it is. 
If you go in AC fan, you need to fit in the scale by m². 

After what, you need to consider the light color and memory functions, when in a fan you have a memory function, then the light of the fan make your wall swich work like a normal light. If you don't have memory function in your selection, then you need to use the remote to swich the light (on and off) .. 

Finaly short the result and choose thoses in front of your prefered design style. 

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