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Hi. I'm looking for a fan for our summerhouse which is 3m x 3m with pitched roof. Your Chicago fan is a possible. What speed settings does it have?


This product is suitable for this surface. 

The number of revolutions per minute is thus 124 - 176 - 218 Rpm. 

If you are going to place this fan in a bedroom then be careful. 

The advantage of this fan is its price and its attractive design, but it is an AC motor so it emits a slight vibration. 

This vibration is not a problem if it is installed on wooden beams, brick or concrete, but on plasterboard, where it becomes a problem. 

Second observation, the first gear at 124 Rpm, is not smooth, so sleeping underneath it becomes complicated. 

If you use it in a room that is not for sleeping, then yes, it is a very good fan.