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Hi, Looking for a ceiling fan for our bedroom. Looking for a modern style with wooden blades but the quieter the better. GERONIMO - DESIGNER DC CEILING FAN 132 CM BLACK HOUSING, BLADES MADE OF WOOD, WIFI, THERMOSTAT 8x3.5m with very high loft style ceiling and will be hung directly over the bed. About half of the room separated into walk in wardrobe so we don't need it to cover the full room just bed area. Just wondered if the above model is suitable or if you would have a better recommendation? Thank you

Hi and thanks for your interest!
The Geronimo is a great choice indeed - not only has it a wonderful design and high-quality materials, but as it is a Hyper Silence fan, it is great for bedrooms as well.
However, because of the height of your ceiling, you will need a down rod -either 60 or 100 cm depending on the ceiling's height. If the ceiling is over 4 m, you might need a ceiling fan with a bigger diameter. Luckily, we have a Geronimo of 152 cm, which would be ok. Here is the link to this product:
For any further questions, we remain at your disposal!
Your Fan Boutique Team