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Hi I bought a ceiling fan and have a technical issue regarding its installation. It has come with a switch instead of a controller on the fan itself. Can we get a replacement of the fan with a controller on the fan instead of a switch. Please can you respond at the earliest. Thanks

It is true that installing an AC ceiling fan with light and using a wall control box is not easy. 

Indeed, you need to have 2 phases and two neutrals in your installation, or at worst, a shared neutral and two phases. 

In a normal installation we do not find as many cables. 

In your case, the simplest way is to install a remote control with your ceiling fan. 

Indeed the receiver box of your remote control is powered by one phase and one neutral. 

The advantage is that with two cables it manages light and ventilation independently. 

So much more practical. 

Go to the accessories, then to the brand or generic accessories to choose your remote control. 

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