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In placing my order I did check that I’m ordering from a Uk website and the item is shown as in stock - but in the basket it says to allow an extra 10 days for delivery due to Brexit and the head office detailed in the T&C is Spain. Is my item being imported especially from Europe ? ...and will I have import duty to pay on arrival?


This answer is in date of the 06/01/2021, year 1 form the liberty :)) 

As you can understand las week we didn't have a good visibilty on the process in the border. We assist at the total colaps of the border administration with the conjonction of three things. 

The Brexit and this random issue, make the importers scare and they import to Uk much more goods then usual. 

The Covid, made crazy the managment of the borders agent, with all most 50 % less workers there.

We didn't know what will be the deal, and now we know. 

The situation is better now. 

We export the good to englend in DDP, that means for your, like custumer, you will pay NOTHING like taxes or VAT or what ever. 

The DDP is like before for you, you just need to open the door to your usual dispacher, and enjoy your fan. 

The only point is like that, today, the transit delay still have some troubles, so usualy the fowarder need 4 or 5 days bring your order, today it's resanable to think they wiil need 6 or 7 days, time for the system to check the news rules.

We think in 1 month it will become like before, 4 or 5 days. 

Anyway, we can talk about this when you whant bye phone : 020 3318 5310