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Downrod why i need them ?

The down rod is too long. It means the fan is only 2m from the floor. How can my electrician solve this. It does not say anywhere that you require a VERY high ceiling for this fan


In the web data sheet, where you see the product you have a picture with the size of the product, and on the detail the hight is return. So please, don't blame us because you don't take time to read and see the pict..

Anyway, your tech can easily cut the downrod to leave 10 cm of the 30 it has. 

So you will have this fan much higher. It's easy to do and verry conveniant. 

Enjoy your fan. 

I need a fan for my conservatory with a sloping roof. I do not now its angle of slope. I need a downrod 16 inches long. I want full remote control of fan, reverse and its light. I want a bright LED light. What can you recommend?

Can I cut the downrod to size for the correct height?

Hello Terry,

Yes, you can cut the down rods to the desired length.

Kind regards,

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