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I need a wall switch for a Modern Fan Company DC industrial ceiling fan without a light. Can you help?


The DC fans are regulated by an electronic system specific to each motor and to each product. 

The principle is that the transformer controller, for each speed, sends the current necessary for the rotation of the motor coupled to the blades. 

The same motor with the same intensity sent by the controller but with different blades, will not have the same result in number of revolutions per minute. 

These controllers are therefore developed in the factory by engineers of the brand who take care of this.

Unlike AC motors, you will not find universal controllers for DC motors, so if Moderne fan does not offer wall-mounted controllers for their fans, you will not be able to adapt another one from a competing brand. 

Only two manufacturers in the world offer this product to date (09/2020), Klassfan, and Fanimation, to our knowledge they are the only ones on the market. 

So there is no solution to your question, at ModernFan, you have to switch to Klassfan or Fanimation to get what you want. 

Thank you for your question.