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Controlers for your seiling fan, which one ?

Hello, we recebtly installed the below ceiling fan but cannot work out what batteries the remote takes. Please can you help us? HILUX- DC CEILING FAN, MODERN DESIGN. LED LIGHT. WOOD COLOR. REMOTE. REVERSE MODE Thanks in advance, Rebecca

does this fan come with the following remote control?

Is it possible to buy a replacement remote control for my Shek ceiling fan EAN 3663602760580 SJ44-3-1L which I purchased in B&Q?

Hi I have the tulip ceiling fan light and I have lost the remote control so you sell replacements Kind regards Hannah

can you reverse the fan with the control box?

Will a remote control work with this fan?

I have a Florida ceiling fan, with dimmer light option. Which remote can I purchase from you to replace my broken remote? Thank you.

Can I order a replacement remote control unit for this ceiling fan
The accessories are reserved to our custumers. 
There is too many different ceiling fans, connectors, or system to take the responsibility to sell a critical part wich we don't know if it run or not, and worst can damage your fan. 
That why we don't take the responsibility to supply spar part for competitors fans. 

Hi Please can you tell me if "Eco Plano BN-132 SL" can be connected to electric switch for on and off or is it only work with remote control ?

Hi, we are considering the Faro Niso 33363. Does it come with a wall control or remote control? what is estimated delivery time?
Hi Jeff, thanks for the interest in our website! This fan is controlled with pull chain, both the remote and the wall control are optional. As fas as the delivery time is concerned, as this is a Faro fan, it takes longer than usual - 12 to 14 days, instead of the standard 7-10 days.

Hi, which remote is the right one to work with Faro Niso 178cm 33363 please? Am I correct it doesn’t come with one?
Hi, this one will work, but it will need pairing:
If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Hi, I have three question:- 1, This fan is described as a destratifier, which I think means the motor can work in reverse to move the heat around in winter. I assume it will also works as a normal fan for cooling in the summer? 2. The tech spec says . . .