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I have a Florida ceiling fan, with dimmer light option. Which remote can I purchase from you to replace my broken remote? Thank you.


For reasons of responsibility, we do not sell these spare parts, and we cannot advise you on how to solve your problem.

Imagine if we sold you this remote control, which goes with its receiver. This receiver replaces the existing one, it is used to receive commands from the remote control and to modulate the speeds of your fan. 

In 2 years, the motor will burn out, even worse, for some unknown reason, it will create a disaster in the room, who will be responsible, us or the manufacturer of your fan? 

Believe us, we find it very difficult not to provide a solution to our customers, but what we find incredible is that the distributor who sold you this device, or your own brand, does not provide you with a solution, because from our point of view this is impossible for us. 

One of the advantages of buying from a specialist is that this type of problem will not happen to you, because here we sell either fans, or fans, in short our life is a fan, so it is inconceivable to us to leave one of our customers without a solution.