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Is it possible to buy a replacement remote control for my Shek ceiling fan EAN 3663602760580 SJ44-3-1L which I purchased in B&Q?

No, we do not sell accessories to customers who are not ours. 

We apologize for this, but if by any chance you have a problem with the accessory in question, we will be liable, even if the accessory is not the most important part of the fan. 

You should contact the original seller of your fan to find a solution. 

This is why DIY stores are not recommended for these products, because they do not follow their product ranges, and often even their brands are not followed over time. 

This means that if a led plate or remote control fails, you will have to throw away your fan. 

So not expensive, equal expensive over time. Here you will have brands installed in the market, which reacts very quickly with the after sales service. 

So much so, that some prestigious brands are no longer part of our ranges, because precisely, all prestigious brands, they are unable to provide a fast service to our customers. 

For example, WestingXXXX can take up to 6 months to bring you a broken glass on a fan, or a damaged remote control. For a customer, and for us who respond to the customer, this is simply intolerable. 

So to bring solutions to brands that are unable to react as they would like, the law, since they are supposed to bring you parts for 10 years (the European code obliges them to do so), would be to encourage this kind of practice. 

You will easily understand that we are unable to respond to this request.

Because it is precisely our job, and to make sure that your misadventure does not happen to our customers, and to yourself, if one day you decide to trust us with your fans. 

We are confused not to help you solve your problem, but you will understand that this is precisely our added value in becoming a customer with us. 

Thank you for your understanding, we hope you will understand our position and help you to change your point of view on DIY shops.