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Sefir de Lba Home Ceiling fan white 107 cm retractable transparent blades high-performance dimmable light point

LBA Home

Ceiling fan 107 Cm retractable blades, double circuit light point 4700 Lms ! 

Model: "Sefir"

Are you looking for a discreet ceiling fan that doesn't look like a fan? Do you want an unique and powerful light point? 

All without noise, then you've come to the right place. For 10 to 25 m².

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LBA Home

Ceiling fan 107 Cm retractable blades, double circuit light point 4700 Lms ! 

Model: "Sefir"

Many of you think it is a shame to have a ceiling fan hanging above you all year round, only to use it for a few weeks a year. 

Sefir tackles this problem, it is a fan that, when stopped, "tidies up" its blades, and thus becomes a design chandelier. 

Sefir is full of qualities. So it is discreet, and that has all the levels. It is an interesting fan because it is powerful for its dimensions. With an air volume of 7200 m3/h it is also more powerful than some fans in 132 Cm. 

Even in operation, this fan remains discreet, because its blades are made of polycarbonate, therefore almost invisible, ideal if you do not want to see a fan in your living room!

Sefir tackles another subject, light, and for good reason, apart from the summer, this light point will be your main light point, so Sefir has a very precise focus, designed to be at the heart of your living room. This is an important point to raise because 80% of ceiling fan ranges do not consider this as a point. 

Here, the light point is made up of two circuits, one is the main plate of 2750 Lms, with a change of tones (2700, 4000, 6500 Kv) and another circuit which is a side ring of 1950 Lm, think that we are talking about 450 watts at the old standard, enough to light up your living room, even if your light point is perched 4 meters high. The important point if the power frightens you a little, it is that this light point is adjustable, , which is Hyper rare in ceiling ventilation, only Klassfan does this kind of thing. 

So Sefir is a light point with blades, not the other way around, and that changes everything. 

Sefir comes with a remote control and has one more interesting function, namely that your wall switch operates your light bridge independently. You operate your switch, the light point comes on, if you turn it off, the light goes off. 

Once turned on, you can operate the fan with the remote control, but you can also turn the light off with the remote control. Perfect operation for a living room. 

Sefir It also has an 8-hour timer for the fan.

This is a powerful design light point with a ceiling fan, ultra discreet, and really lights up . 

This is an ideal tool for dining rooms, discreet and powerful, hard to be disappointed with such qualities. 

Technical data :

For area: 10 - 25 m2

LED lighting system 3000 Lms, 3000 Kv, 4000 Kv or 6500 Kv, 30 + 48 Watts.

Control: remote control with timer 8 hours

Reversible system: No

Number of Speed : 3

Finish : 4 Blades polycarbonate engine White lacquered.

Can be installed on a 25° sloping ceiling.

Diameter: 107 cm unfolded, 55 cm diameter retracted

Height: 38 Cm - 500 mm

Weight: 8 Kg

Standards: THUV-GS-CE-RHOS

Warranty: 2 years motor

Features :

Color: white


Data sheet

Hyper Silence
Variable number of blades
Destratification mode
Remote control included or optional
Adaptable wall controller
Installation on sloping ceiling?
Available down rods
Optional Light Fixture
Min. consumption
From 21 Watts to 30 Watts
2 years
Reversible blades (2 colours)
Number of blades
4 blades
Blades Material
Blades Colour
Distance Blades/Ceiling in cm
30 Cm
Motor Type (AC or DC)
Adaptable remote control
LED Ready
Oui E14
LED Plate
Motor Colour
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    Dear Mr Waqas,
    First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in our website!
    We offer a wide range of ceiling fans that correspond to what you are looking for - a smart fan with light, nice design, which can be used both in summer and in winter. We would like to recommend you Klassfan ceiling fans as they stand out for their quality and numerous functions - wi-fi, memory, timer, thermostat, etc.
    I am sending you some links to products that seem to be appropriate (although, of course it all depends on how big is the room you'd like to install it in, how high is the ceiling, how will you heat the room, etc.):

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Best regards,
    Your Fan Boutique Team

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    Hello Tony,
    Thank you for your interest in our website!
    1. Are you referring to Helix III white and silver? In this case, the only difference is the colour. Otherwise, both are the same. Right now, the silver-coloured is on promotion until the end of the month.
    2. Unfortunately, there is no wall switch compatible with this model
    3. The light is dimmable, not just with adjustable temperature
    4. The installation of this fan requires no special attention, it is an easy-to-install ceiling fan
    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Kind regards,
    Your Fan Boutique Team

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