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Hvls Klassfan Diameter 6.1 meters 220 Volts
  • Hvls Klassfan Diameter 6.1 meters 220 Volts

HVLS AC Stator OM-KQ-6E 220V. Industrial ceiling fan 20ft/6.1m. Ultraefficient desing 1230sqm coverage.

Stator OM-KQ-6E 220V

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AC Stator OM-KQ-6E

Industrial HVLS ceiling fan. 20ft/6.1m radius, with a coverage up to 1230 sqm. Aluminium blades ultra efficient design with carbon fluor paint. AC motor 220V single phase.

HVLS or High Volume Low Speed are ceiling fans designed to cover large areas with a low rotation speed, using its size to move high volumes of air. This makes them very efficient tools. There are several advantages in using such devices:

1- Great coverage, sealing the air flow.

2- Efficient design, with a fast investment return, cutting expenses up to a 30%

3- A great complement for AC units as it allows the user to reduce the power of the AC due to a better air circulation and saving 3% to 5% for every degree in power reduced.

4- When installed at its optimum height, it can cover 4 or 6 times the total size of the fan itself.

KlassFan HVLS are fans with an incredible work behind them to be designed as efficient, reliable and safe as possible.

Equipped with high efficiency AC motors that produce less noise and with an exceptional reliabilty. A state-of-the-art gearbox that multiplies the power and trasnfers it to the rotor without feeding it back to the engine. The result is a motor that won't overheat and can operate for a long time without needing to be turned off.

Its six blades have been studied at wind tunnels, offering much more efficiency at both rotation directions.

Made of aluminium AA7075, hollow but rigid blades with carbon fluor paint. 

Their 19 cm width can move higher air volumes than 15 or 17 cm blades. Both the conectors and the supports are made of cold- treated aluminium that can withstand pressures up to 570 mpa+ and, therefore, are guaranteed for life.

This system allows a more agressive attack angle, creating a bigger air movement and with the carbon fluor paint that reduces the friction coefficient the vibrations are reduced to a minimum. 

One of the challenges faced by KlassFan is safety. With this in mind, four steel braided cables are fixed to the fan body that can support 10 tons each in case of a critical failure. Also, to reduce material stress, the unique design of the coupler won't transmit the twist torque to the structure.

The Danfoss VFD controller is easy to use, effcient and reliable.

It's a powerful frecuency converter, manufactured by the European leader Danfoss.

Equipped with an RF filter to avoid any radio interference. Danfoss has also included the "Brake Chopper" techonology. An emergency brake sistem in case of a blade impacting any object, using the kinectic energy to increase brake efficiency and protecting the fan and the rest of the blades of further damage.

The internal components are heat protected and it uses a comunication sistem controlled by the RD485FC protocol. 

Speed selector, LED display and reverse mode.

This HVLS fan is not only a very powerful and efficient tool for ventilation, but it can also be a destratifier for winters, recovering the heat stuck in the ceiling and pushing it down and equalizing the room temperature.

Technical features:

Size: 20ft/6.1m radius

Motor: AC 220V single phase

RPM: 0-60

Air volume: 11,500 CMM

Coverage: 1380 sqm

Weight: 113 kg

Noise: 45 dB

ERP: A++ 

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