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Hybrid ceiling or wall fan, with powerful light point
  • Hybrid ceiling or wall fan, with powerful light point
  • Hybrid ceiling or wall fan, with powerful light point
  • Hybrid ceiling or wall fan, with powerful light point
  • Hybrid ceiling or wall fan, with powerful light point
  • Hybrid ceiling or wall fan, with powerful light point
  • Hybrid ceiling or wall fan, with powerful light point

Hybrid ceiling or wall fan, with powerful light point

Lba Home

Ref : " Hybrid Spotlight

Spot Hybrid is a hybrid fan, which can be installed on a wall, but also on the ceiling, an ingenious idea, to be reserved for certain configurations. 

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Lba Home

Ref : " Hybrid Spotlight

It could be said that our manufacturers no longer know what to invent to put themselves forward. 

Based on an already known concept, but frankly out of price, Lba Home is redesigning it with prices that have little to do with it, Lba, has opted for an AC motor.  

The principle of this fan is the same as a classic fan. A fast rotation speed, an air flow that can go up to 6000 M3/hour.

Once you say that, you don't have to deal with a ceiling fan that turns slowly and diffuses a non-concentrated breeze, but rather the sensation of a strong and concentrated flow. 

Taking this into account, it is impossible to install this product in a room for example, because it is too concentrated and too noisy. (by the way, the manufacturers don't give the sound pressure, we do) and we can see that it is at the level of a standing fan.

So what can this type of fan be used for? 

From a technical point of view, if you need to concentrate air on a diameter of 1.5 meters, then you're not too bad. 

For us, this fan makes sense when it is installed against our walls, to blow horizontally. 

So you tell us what's the point then? Several. 

1) you don't have a fan in your feet, in high-traffic areas it's ideal. So a shop, bar, hall, waiting room etc... 

2) When you destratify, and you need to send air horizontally in a corridor for example, or in a room.

We also have customers who have a phobia of large blades spinning above their heads, so here again it is an interesting solution.

In terms of use, the Spot is equipped with a light point, which is very powerful since it has 5760 Lumens, which is more than 500 Watts at the old standard. 

It has a 3-tone colour selector, and it is "dimmable" so you can select the power of the light point. 

Spot is a fan equipped with a remote control, and it is reversible, which frankly is more than cosmetic, because a destratifier cannot be so concentrated unless you get your ears broken (there are other products more interesting for that).

So if you take stock, in precise configurations, these products can be interesting, pay attention to the sound level, and to the amplitude of the air flows you need. 

Don't forget that the air pressure coming out of this fan is much more powerful than a ceiling fan. 

Technical data :

Span area: 1 - 10 m2

Lighting system : 5760 Lumens - Temperature selection 3000 - 4000 or 6400 K (cool white) Adjustable light intensity. 

Control : Remote control

Reversible system.

Number of speeds: 3

Consumption (Watts) : 15 / 25 / 40 W

Finish: 3 blades abs, white Polycarbonate carcass.

Can be installed on sloping ceilings: yes without limit and vertically.

Diameter: 63 cm blades 35 Cm

Weight: 2.8 Kg, Gross 4.1 Kg

Standards: THUV-GS-CE-RHOS

Warranty: 2 years for the motor

Characteristics :

Colour: White

Data sheet

Hyper Silence
variable number of blades
Destratification mode
Remote control included or optional
Adaptable wall control box ?
Installation on sloping ceiling?
Available down rods
Optional Light Kit available?
minimum power consumption:
From 16 to 20 Watts
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years
Reversible blades with 2 colours
Color of the blades
Distance Blades/Ceiling in cm
20 Cm
Motor Type (AC or DC)
    Hi. I'm looking for a fan for our summerhouse which is 3m x 3m with pitched roof. Your Chicago fan is a possible. What speed settings does it have?

    Will a remote control work with this fan?

    In placing my order I did check that I’m ordering from a Uk website and the item is shown as in stock - but in the basket it says to allow an extra 10 days for delivery due to Brexit and the head office detailed in the T&C is Spain. Is my item bei ...

    Hi I have been looking at a fan on your website Ref FAB_103791320 and would like to know. 1. Is it suitable for a conservatory 16msq. 2. Is the light included or an optional extra 3. Is the remote included or an optional extra Regards Mark

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