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Introduction acts as an intermediary between manufacturers and the final customer.

Responsability of the post-sale terms and warranty lies only on the manufacturer of the goods.

In this regard, selects its manufacturers following strict rules of claim's responses and stock availabilty.

Post sale process


In case of doubt about the procedure of the instalation of your ceiling, you can contact us via indicating the model's name, area of installation and all the doubts that you may have. If you prefer, you can include your phone number in this e-mail and receive instructions via phone. 

You'll receive a response in approximately 48 hs. 

You can also contact us at +44 203 318 53 10


Duration of the warranty is indicated in each product's file page

Said warranty covers all of the mechanical elements that form the ceiling fan except for the eletric pieces that may have been damaged by an unexpected fault in the electric grid network.

Using your Warranty

 1. Contact via e-mail ( indicating product's reference number, invoice reference number and any purchase information necessary ( name and last name, invoice adress, date and phone number).

 2. The customer will receive an answer from our technicians in 48 hs for an inicial diagnostic. If you prefer this contact to be made by phone, indicate so in your e-mail.

 3. In the event that this initial assistance is deemed unsatisfactory, the diagnostic of the technician will be sent to the manufacturer who will then choose between:

  a) Replace or repair the faulty piece. Installation of said piece will be the responsability of the customer. All shipping costs will be covered by the manufacturer.

  b) Return of the product properly packaged and labeled. The manufacturer will either fully replace or repair it in a period of time of a month or less. All shipping costs will be covered by the manufacturer.


If the manufacturer's diagnostic determines that the fault is the cause of negligent use or installation, a repair budget will be sent to the customer.

In case of not accepting said budget and in order to retrieve your product, the customer must cover the shipping costs.

All claims of damages resulting of transportation shall be directed to the transport agency that delivered your product.