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Create the ceiling fan that suits you best

the ceiling fan that suits you best

Modulo Regular is a unique tool for thermal regulation: its efficiency is unsurpassed, and it offers a large number of combinations that can make it an essential decorative element.

For KlassFan, it is the product that must adapt to the customer, and not vice versa.

The idea is to provide a vast choice through the combination of different elements.

Modulo consists of 4 kinds of elements that can be combined with each other.

Motors, blades, light kits (with or without), down rods.

6 Motors X 46 Blades X 5 X 2 makes 2760 combinations


Regular offers a vast choice of ceiling fans with modern design that are able to effectively ventilate rooms between 20 and 50 m². Versatility, design and technology are the keywords that best describe this product.



FullWood is a selection of ceiling fans that are characterized by their pure, minimalist design, achieved by the specific way the blades are attached to the motor. Full Wood does not allow the installation of a light kit. The wooden blades are available in different sizes ranging from 106 to 166 cm.

Compose your Modulo FULLWOOD

Modulo SLIM

Modulo Slim is a more discrete version of Modulo Regular. With or without light, it is an exceptional ceiling fan and a great destratifier, equipped with the latest technologies - an energy saving DC motor, Hyper Silence, Wi-Fi, thermostat etc.

Compose your Modulo SLIM


Modulo TENERIFE is a modern and innovative ceiling fan, equipped with latest technological solutions. The elegant, slender design of the motor puts an emphasis on the form of the blades, which might be made either of wood or of ABS resin. Tenerife can effectively ventilate rooms from 20 to 50 m², and is an efficient destratifier, too.

Compose your Modulo TENERIFE

Modulo Extérieur IP44

IP44 outdoor fan: Enjoy the cooling breeze outdoors

For those who wish to bring a touch of comfort to their outdoor spaces, the IP44 outdoor fan from the Modulo range is the perfect choice. Built to withstand humidity and temperature fluctuations, this fan combines advanced performance and durability to grant you the pleasant outdoor experience you dream of.

Compose your Modulo Exterior IP44

Control your Modulo with your smartphone,
wherever you are

Take the control in your hands!

ll KlassFan ceiling fans are controlled via the Tuya Smart App. Tuya allows the advanced control and programming of your devices, no matter your current location. This app is compatible with all existing voice assistants on the market, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant ets.
Klassfan welcomes you to the future!

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