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  • Casafan


    Casafan one of the best manufacturers in the world. The components of Casafan´s fans are manufacured in Southeast Asia (excluding China) and are assembled in Germany.
    The greatest advantage of Casafan´s product is their superb quality. Their fans are guaranteed for 15-25 years and yet the prices are overall affordable.
    The only thing that might need improvement is the design of their products as they reamain more conventional and traditional compared with other brands.

    However, Casafan is often a victim of its own success, stockouts are common for this manufacturer, but that said, they replenish throughout the whole year. Basically, if the product you´ve chosen is not available at the moment, it would be in stock again in the next 1-2 months.

    Casafan is a manufacturer of modern ceiling fans, with quality and technical flawless, but it misses the madness typical for the Italian design for instance.

    Last but not least, they offer a first-class post-selling services and respond to any claims within 24-48 hours.



    EUREM is a French distributor of air treatment products. Without specialized roof ventilation, its products are well chosen, and do not look to expense when it comes to quality.
    Supplier reactivity is normal, needed 10 days to deliver. After-sales service is provided by the brand directly.

    A French distributor, with good responsiveness.

  • Fanimation


    Fanimation is one of the most important names in ventilation in the world.
    The company is founded in the USA byTom Frampton, who spent a few years with Casablanca Fans company. In the beginning, Fanimation is positioned on the market, as a company producing predominantly high-quality limited series of fans.

  • Faro
  • Hunter


    In 1886 John Hunter and his son, arriving from Ireland, invented the world's first water-based ceiling fan. A few years later, the company acquired a serious reputation as a quality manufacturer and some of these fans are still in operation even now. Already at this time Hunter begins to export its production to India, China Africa etc.

    So begins the story of this legendary brand that has existed on the market for over a century.

    One of the key elements for Hunter in the creation of ceiling fans is the motor, that creats the movement of the blades.

    Although engines are fundamental elemnts for this type of ventilation, many producers lower their quality to save production costs.

    However, Hunter uses powerful, high quality motors, designed exclusively for each fan in the range, which is why Hunter can guarantee its ceiling fan for life.

    All components of the engine, coil, cushions, bearings etc. are of exceptional quality. The cast steel housing is designed to facilitate the dispersion of the heat emitted by the fan motor, the weight of the fan also reduces the risk of swaying.

    On the other hand, the engines are oversized which increases the angle of attack of the blades at 15 °, and therefore increase the air pressure of the fan, while remaining silent.

    Finally, the permanent immersion lubrication protects the motor elements which are removable, protecting them to the maximum and thus contributing to prolong the life of the motor elements.

    In short, a set of details that make Hunter one of the best manufacturers in the world

  • KlassFan


    A brand created by our specialist Fanboutique, emanation of the merger of Purline and Fanboutique.

    KlassFan creats limited series of 50 units of each model with astonishing desing.

    KlassFan is the Purline brand's marketing laboratory for selecting high turnover products.

    As the quantities are rather limited, do not hesitate, because there is a high probability that the brand will no longer produce the models.

    Klasse Fan By Purline guarantees its fans for 10 years.

  • LBA Home

    LBA Home

    The products labeled LBA Home are a selection made by Fan Boutique. These are often brands that are not very popular or simply do not have SAV in France.

    Most of the cases, Fan-Boutique selects these products because they possess advantages that traditional brands don´t – an interesting design, lower prices, good quality, or simply stocks. Indeed, during the summer, the stocks often hit the bottom. That is why Fan Boutique strives to minimize that risk and to cover the needs of the local market.

  • Pepéo



    The Tom Thumb of the European manufacturers offering a very high-quality products. Besides, they are the distributors of Aire Ryder - one of the largest fan industries in the Asian Pacific area!

  • Purline


    Roof ventilation for PURLINE is a specific market, because Purline is active in the markets of Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy), with mid-range products of good quality products, including Westinghouse and Faro, in terms of quality .

    It is in the design where the brand stands out. Its products are original, good price.

    Purline, it is not destined to become Casafan or Hunter, but aims to be a space midrange.

    Purline not want to enter markets selling wholesale, branded products are represented exclusively by Fan Boutique.

  • The Modern Fan Company Europe
  • Vortice


    For over a century, Vortice creates ventilation systems for home use and for theindustry.

    Vortice is recognized for its professionalism and the quality of its products which are always simple, but a seamless continuity.

    Vortice is part of the oldest Italian companies and manufactures 95% of its products in Italy.

  • Westinghouse


    Westinghouse is the largest manufacturer of ceiling fans in the world!
    In fact, the brand is in the market for more than 50 years. Originally, this American brand manufactured its products in the US, then quickly open the brand has production units worldwide.

    To date, all Westinghouse products entering the European market, are all produced Southeast Asia and most of China.

    That said, its processes and quality protocols are demanding, this allows them to have an acceptable quality.

    Of course, you can not compare with Hunter or Casafan, but remain an important player in the market.