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Online B trust SL

Fan-boutique, commercial name, is a property of ONLINE B TRUST SL

Fan-boutique is presented as in its British version.

Fan-boutique was created to cover the need of ceiling-fan specialist online. 

Most ceiling fans are sold by stores, specialized either in lighting or in furniture, that lack the technical knowledge to offer proper assistance to its clients and customers.

Fan-boutique relies on:

- Years of experience in the field to provide advice and guidance to its customer during the purchase selection process, as well as during installation and performance demands.

- Demanding its providers for goods and services that will not fail the customer 

- Choosing its products based on the current state of the market and each customer individual needs.

Every Fan-boutique employee is aware of the importance of every single customer. Every day they provide guidance, assistance and different kinds of services to our customers. 

Our Suppliers

Before selecting our suppliers, we evaluate their production and import capacity, along with the customer service they are able to provide, and their technical departments.
With them, we build a trustful relationship in order to provide our customers with total support and necessary guarantees.

Our Goods

Each of Fan-boutique's goods is properly priced, therefore, we cannot expect the same level of quality out of a product that's worth €100 against a product worth €500. Our job is to teach you the difference. 

In most cases, we have sufficient stock and our technicians have physical access to them. This is important for them to understand what's the issue if a customer has one.

Fan-boutique is proud to be one of the leaders of ceiling fans in Europe. Specialized and efficient, we aim to provide the European market in order to provide exactly the kind of product you need.