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Terms of sales

1. Security measures

Please ensure that the height of your ceiling is at least 7ft 6" as recommended and that your fan has sufficient width and height as to the dimensions specified in the products' technical details. In case of doubt please contact our technicians for advice or guidance.

2. Content

Fan Boutique has the right to change all the prices, technical details and specifications of the products listed on our website without prior notification. All goods we supply correspond to the descriptions you will find in our shop. The company reserves the right to amend detailed designs, specifications and prices from time to time.
The company strives to ensure that the site is accessible and properly managed but due to maintenance reasons, access can be limited or cancelled temporarily.
3. User responsibilities
Every user of the website is obliged to respect the present terms and conditions. Users have no right to use this site maliciously, illegally or in any way that may harm the site or any other person. All the personal information provided by the user must be verifiable, and the user has no right to provide personal information of a third person. Only use content you're allowed to use.  Don't copy, upload, download or share content unless you have permission to do so.

3. Privacy

The user agrees to the provisions in the company's privacy policy which has been written to be compliant with the GDPR requirements.

4. Force majeure

The site and the company shall not take any liability if the performance of the company's contractual obligations are delayed or cancelled due to any cause out of its control (Weather, fires, terrorism, etc...) of whatever nature and such failure or delay shall not be deemed a breach of contract.

5. Placing an order

The automatic registration systems are considered as proof of the nature, content and date of the Order. ONLINE B TRUST will confirm to the customer the acceptance of his Order by sending a confirmation message to the email address, provided by the customer. The sale will not be considered as concluded until the order confirmation has been sent to the Buyer.
Online B Trust SL will not be held responsible for the adjustments of Customer's mailbox. If for any reason, the Customer does not receive their order confirmation, they need to contact us and check the reason.

ONLINE B TRUST reserves the right to refuse or cancel any Order from a customer, in particular in the event of the insolvency of the said customer or in the event of a default in payment of the Order concerned or of a previous delivery or a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order. The information, entered by the Buyer by the time of placing the order, is considered binding. ONLINE B TRUST will not be held responsible for errors made by the customer with regard to the information provided (delivery address, billing address in particular) as well as the delivery delays or the inability to deliver the Products ordered that these errors could cause.

6. Payment

The customer declares that he/she is an adult and that his/her credit or debit card is valid and the information provided is correct.

7. Delivery

After confirmation of the Order and subject to confirmation of payment of the price of the products ordered, ONLINE B TRUST undertakes to ship to its customer, under its responsibility, the products ordered to the delivery address as soon as possible, unless otherwise mentioned on the site.

 All the Products that are part of the Order/s placed in the online shop of ONLINE B TRUST are intended for the personal use of customers or recipients, whose name is mentioned in the delivery address.
Where applicable, the customer undertakes to pay upon receipt all taxes, duties, fees, and other charges, present and future, due for the delivery of their order; the joint and several liabilities of ONLINE B TRUST cannot at any time be engaged in this respect. Customers or recipients of the Products are prohibited from any partial or total resale of the Products, except for professional customers.
Delivery against signature will be made by an international private carrier (except in cases where local authorities prohibit it). Our delivery rates are available in the description of each product.
In the case of free delivery, it comes to an effect after the legal period of conclusion of the order, i.e. 14 days after delivery.
In case of cancellation of the already shipped order, or in case of return due to the absence of the Customer (not present on the provided address by the time of delivery and/or not being able to pick his order up from the place, indicated by the carrier), the Customer will have to pay a flat rate in the amount of €20 for a parcel of less than 10 kg; for parcels over 10 kg, Online B trust SL will have to justify the amounts deducted by the carrier's invoice.
In the event of a return of the products, all costs will be borne by the Customer (shipping costs, taxes, fees). In the same way, in case the Customer is unable or unwilling to comply with his delivery obligation, all the costs for shipping and returning the order are to be covered by them.
However, in the case of delivering a defect, damaged or wrong product, the shipment and return costs are to be covered by Online B-Trust SL.
After shipping your order, we will e-mail you the tracking number. It is the responsibility of the customer to track their order and to know when they can expect its delivery. Therefore, no claims will be accepted, if the parcel could not be accepted due to absence by the time of delivery. In this case, it is an obligation of the customer to contact the carrier and to arrange a further delivery appointment.
In case of repeated delivery caused by absence of the Customer, all the costs incurred will be carried by them.
Any delays in delivery attributable to the carrier or to ONLINE B TRUST do not entitle the customer to claim damages. The Products ordered are transported at the risk and peril of the recipient.
For reasons of availability of Products ordered, an Order may be the subject to several successive deliveries. In the event that the customer would like the Products ordered to be delivered to two different addresses, they should place 2 separate Orders.

Upon receipt of the Products ordered, the customer or recipient must check the condition of the package of the goods delivered. In case, the recipient detects that the package is damaged, they can refuse to accept the delivered order.

In the effect of apparent defects or missing parts, the Customer has the right to return their order within 14 days of delivery. The Customer will have to inform Online B-Trust SL by contacting our customer service, and we will arrange the pickup of the defect product/s.

8. Returns


Online B-Trust SL accept returns within 14 days after receipt of the ordered goods.

There are certain circumstances, however, under which returns will not be accepted:

1. Returns of accessory parts such as additional remote control, light set, down rod, etc

2. Ceiling fans that have already been installed. If a defect should appear, the company will investigate the reasons and will offer technical advice or, if necessary, an exchange. If you detect any defect after installing your fan, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will find a solution satisfactory for both parties!

3. Return claims from commercial customers will also be denied.

Returning procedure:

Send an e-mail to specifying:
Order reference number
Product reference number
Quantity of goods to be returned
Reason for returning products
This information is crucial for the further processing of your return, and without it, we will not be able to continue this procedure.
In a response to your initial e-mail, you will receive a Return Number (RMA valid for 14 days) that must be explicitly included on the package.

The customer has 14 days from receipt of their order to return them to ONLINE B TRUST for exchange or refund.
In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, "ONLINE B TRUST" is obliged to refund the amount paid by the customer, free of charge, except for the transport costs and the related customs fees and taxes.

If the Customer decides to return a product, that is neither wrong, nor defective, they will be charged a €20 flat rate delivery for parcels up to 10 kg. If the weight of the parcel is over 10 kg, the transport costs must be justified by Online B Trust by the invoice for the transporter who presented the delivery.

All the incurred costs arising through the return (shipping costs, fees, and taxes) are to be covered by the Customer.
The customer must return the product/s, part of their order, in their original state, i.e not installed, with all accessories and instructions, in the original packaging to the following address:

Online B Trust SL
Avenida Peris Y valero N° 4
46006 Valencia

After receiving the returned product, Online B-Trust will check its state. If we detect any irregularities or defects, not mentioned by the customer prior to returning the product (i.e. if the product has been installed, or poorly packed, or some of the accessories are missing), Online B Trust will make a depreciation of the product's price corresponding to the costs of its restoration.

Online B-Trust will issue a refund within 14 working days after receipt of the returned goods.

9. Issuing a refund

Please keep in mind that, in case of return,  only the product is subject to a refund. We will issue a refung within 14 days after receiving and checking the product.
In case, the state of the product does not comply with the requirements above listed, Online B-Trust SL reserves the right to issue a partial refund ((at least 40% of the order price).

10.  Warranty

All the products offered on the ONLINE B TRUST purchasing platforms benefit from a warranty, which might extend between  1 and 25 years, depending on their nature and the legislation in force in the country. Information about the duration of the warranty is to be found in the correspondent product description.
In case the purchased product shows any defects during the initial manufacturer's warranty period, the customer needs to return the defective device to Online B-Trust SL on their expense. We will then send the defective product to the supplier, who will take the necessary steps to diagnose the defect.

From this moment on, the communication will be between Online B-Trust SL and the Supplier, who might propose one of these solutions:

1) Reparation of the defective product

2) Exchange of the whole or part of the defective product

3) Repair estimate in case of an external element having caused the defect, or improper use. In this case, the estimate will be sent to you by email. In case, we do not receive any answer from you within 90 days after receiving the reparation offer,  you will not able to claim it from the supplier.

These return procedures apply on continental European territory, not overseas and other continents. If the products are moved to other continents, you lose the benefit of the applicable guarantees, so all transport costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

11. Additional notes

LBA HOME is a generic brand used by the site to provide authorization for online sale. Therefore, EAN references, brands or model names may vary.

ONLINE B-TRUST SL obtains your consent in accordance with the policies and technical specifications of the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework. It uses the Consent Management Platform n°92.

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