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Modulo KlassFan- Super air distratifier without light chrome light wood ideal from 70 to 90 m² KL_DC3_P6SW133


Combination KL_ DC3_P6SW 133 cm

Super air destratifier, here in its version without lamp with light wood-coloured blades and chrome-plated ultra-quiet DC motor for 70 to 90 m², the top of the range.

An original and powerful combination. 

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Combination KL_ DC3_P6SW 133 cm


Modulo is part of the Super air destratifier. Indeed this name is due to the fact that this destratifier is very powerful, while keeping an optimal comfort of use, this is why Modulo is one of the best, if not the best destratifier of the moment.

1) The power : 

This version of the Modulo has an air flow of 9120 M3/h, a good quality 132 Cm destratifier is 6000 m3/h. We are 30% higher.

2) Noise pollution : 

In the 3 first speeds Modulo is simply inaudible, from the 3rd speed, the power of the blades plays at full, in can hear slightly the blades cutting the air.

3) Consumption :

The consumption of this version is of 5.1 Watts in V1, and 25.8 in V6, it is in speed one the charger of your telephone, so to say not much.

4) The stability of the whole :

Modulo admits of extension up to 1.80 meters, that goes down the head of the fan up to 2 meters and that without vibration, it is necessary a unique quality of assembly to do that, the other manufacturers stop either at 60 Cm, or at 120 Cm.

Attention, with wooden blades, we recommend an extension of 60 Cm and max 120 Cm. At 120 Cm the quality of your assembly must be perfect. 

5) A single remote control :

The remote control is an important component of a destratifier, it has the inverter on the remote control but above all a thermostat programme which triggers the management of the rotation of the automatic destratifier. The thermostat is located at the foot of the fan, allowing the temperature to be picked up at the highest point. 

When the function is activated, this is how the destratifier reacts:

- Less than19° sensed = speed 1

- From 19 to 21° picked up = speed 2

- From 22 to 24° captured = speed 3  

- From 24 to 26° captured = speed 5

- From 26° to beyond = Speed 6 

When the temperature drops the gears too.

This function is very useful if, for example, you have a weekly heating programme, this ensures that when your heating is switched on, the destratifier automatically follows the heating, or when you switch the wood stove on again in the morning, you do not have an undistributed "heat stroke" in the room.

6) A Wifi connection : 

One can always think that this function is an option, but in use it proves to be very practical, as your mobile phone becomes a remote control. Besides, you never know where the remote control is, but you always know where your mobile phone is... 

Moreover, this function is interesting because it allows you to activate your fan even when you are not at home. 

The system is compatible with Alexa, Google etc... in short, you can operate the device by voice. 

You have understood, this destratifier has been designed and studied to be installed in rooms facing important air stratification situations.

Finally modulo has an important quality, it is a compound product, in time you will be able to add elements, or even change them, blades, light kit, extensions all these elements are available on the shop.

This version is a Chrome engine on very rounded and curved light wood blades, it brings a smooth and round touch to the whole. 

As for the colours, here are some combinations that distributors will never dare to bring to the market, wrongly because they are superb. 

Technical specifications 

Reach area: destratifier mode 70 to 90 m² - ventilation mode 25 - 40 m2

Lighting system: Without, but the L1 L2 L3 L4 systems of the modulo are optionally adaptable 

Controls: Radio frequency remote control with timer and changeover switch and WIFI via TUYA Smart.

Reversible system: Yes from the remote control 

Number of Speeds: 6 - from 2100 to 9120 M3/h in 3-blade version. 

Consumption (Watts) : 5.1 Watts to 25.6 Watts 

Finish: 3 adaptor wooden blades.

Motor Finish: Brushed chrome with 2 rods, one 12.5 Cm and the other 25 Cm.

Installation possible on a 25° sloping ceiling: yes.

Memory: Yes 

Timer: from 1 to 8 hours.

Diameter: 133 cm

Weight : 7 Kg, Gross 9 Kg

Standards: THUV-GS-CE-RHOS

Warranty: 10 years for the motor

Characteristics :

Colour: Chrome and light wood

Possible options 

- Blades P1- P3- P4

- Lighting Kit: L1 L2 L3 L4 

- 60, 120, 180 Cm extensions 

Data sheet

Hyper Silence
Variable number of blades
Destratification mode
Remote control included or optional
Installation on inclined/vaulted ceilings
Available down rods
Number of blades
3 blades
Distance Blades/Ceiling in cm
20 Cm
LED Plate
Max. length of the down rod
180 Cm
Temperature Sensor
Maximal Length of the Down Rod
120 cm
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