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copy of Sergent white, un ventilateur de plafond DC Moderne puissant, silencieux, avec télécommande et point lumineux,  blanc
  • copy of Sergent white, un ventilateur de plafond DC Moderne puissant, silencieux, avec télécommande et point lumineux,  blanc

WiFi Controller for Modulo by KlassFan


Transform your modulo into a Super Destratifier, thanks to this control module, it will provide you with a thermostatic sensor that will transform your heating and control via wifi


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WIFI and thermostatic probe for modulo.

The WIFI comes in our ceiling fans. Will you tell me why? 

In fact, the wifi serves as a remote control, but also a little more. 

In fact, apart from the fact that you are a little ready and sure to have your phone with you, the Wifi option is interesting because it allows you to control your fan from a very long distance. 

The wifi works even if you are not in the house, so you can have an internet connection available. 

Very practical, because you no longer need to go up to the bedroom to look for your remote control and turn on your fan, you can do it from your living room, but also from your office, or even in traffic jams. 

For the more "techno" among you, the TUYA SMART application, allows you to connect a little ready everything in your house, radiator, boiler, lamp, roller shutters in short the whole thing. 

This APP is interesting because it allows you to create conditional scenarios, for example, you have radiators in a room, a thermostat in that room, and a fan. 

You can then program your radiator to turn on at 11.30 am, and activate a thermostat condition at 23°, then turn on your fan in winter mode to destratify the room... 

In short, a complete dashboard of your heating and air conditioning system on your phone. You will still need to make sure that your components are compatible with the APP.

We will have the opportunity to make some examples of Tuya Smart programming in the future. 

With this module, you will also be able to control your fans "in cluster", if you have 5 fans, then you can group them all together to make a specific or unique programming with the same interface, very handy for Professionals in the hotel or restaurant industry, but also offices or shopping malls. 

To download the APP click on these links:


On Android:

Or click on the Qr code above.

To operate this module, you will need to access the canopy of your fan, remove the existing control module, and replace it with this one.

Once this is done, you will also have a thermostatic sensor which is an essential function in your heating control system. 

Indeed a reversibility function of a fan can do the job of destratification, although ... but that is another debate, here the advantage is that the regulation of your fan is automatic, is set on a pre-set pattern: 

from 0° to 19° = off. 

from 19° to 21° = V1

from 22° to 24° = V2

from 25° to 26° = V4 

from 27° to 28° = V5 

above 28° V6 

So, as soon as the sensor detects a change in temperature, the rotation evolves with the captured temperature - a system normally reserved for industry that will clearly change the efficiency of your destratifier (Modulo only). 

Imagine that your heating system starts up, even in your absence, your destratifier will automatically detect a layer of hot air, and therefore start to operate more or less quickly in order to bring down this bubble of hot air... the best! 

You can therefore install these functions on a modulo which was not Wifi and which did not have a thermostat, quite a luxury!

The remote control remains functional despite the Wifi.  

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